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Meet The Top Students From Our Graduating Class!

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About The Campus

          Hada Academy boasts gorgeous, manicured lawns, an abundance of trees and flowers growing wildly, and traditional gothic architectural buildings that will transport you to another time.

            The sprawling campus, located near the foothills of a mountain range, lends itself to a uniquely magical experience.  The academy thrives on using the surrounding natural resources to make it more self-sufficient and purer. While a technologically advanced learning environment, use of social media sites is banned on campus to encourage a more immersive learning and training experience. 

Current Events

The High Council will be holding a voluntary meeting for anyone interested in helping to plan and set up the upcoming 'Night of a Thousand Lights' festival - please come to the main building on campus to sign up!

Open house will be happening at the end of the year, for anyone interested please send your enrollment inquiries through the form below!

Enrollment Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in our exclusive academy!

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