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Chantae Oliver is the author of The Dream Weaver Series, a YA Fantasy featuring diverse characters and unexpected thrills.

Chantae writes how she reads - which means that she likes to get to the exciting bits ASAP! Her writing reflects that as her focus is on taking you on a fun ride. Writing motto? "I'm here to entertain you, not teach you."

Chantae's writing, while often placed in fantasy worlds, always stems from real emotions and experiences. Her goal is to write a plethora of pieces that are inclusive and entertaining. 

Living in different parts of the world all throughout her life has exposed her to a vast array of rich and diverse cultures. Being multiracial herself, Chantae's hope is to respectfully represent people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and orientations in her works. 

The Dream Weaver Series, her debut work, is a passion project that began - fittingly enough - with a vivid dream in which the storyline was presented to her. Working hard on her series, while being a mom of 2 young boys, has been both exhilarating and a welcome challenge. 

Expressing herself creatively is vital to who she has always been, and she even graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. 

With the support of her loving family and friends - and most importantly her faith and love of God - she is boldly pursuing her dream of being a successful author.

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